....Think Snow.....Do the snow dance...

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

We are thrilled will recent snow fall, however it is not enough to safely open the ski area.We will let you know here when we have an opening date. Think Snow!

For everyone’s safety the Ski Area is closed to all users.
Now that winter is fast approaching Hilltop Ski Area has started preparing for the winter season. This includes snow making operations that have begun on the hill. Snowmaking requires high voltage electric lines and high pressure water lines feeding high speed fans. There will also be equipment operating on the hill. Once the Ski Area is prepared and safe to open, we will be open to Alpine skiing and snowboarding during business hours.
Thank you for helping make Hilltop a safer place.



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For your convenience we offer on-line program descriptions, dates and sign-ups at http://www.hilltopskiarea.org/learntoski.html .

....Think Snow.... Do the Snow Dance...........





Ski Hotline (907) 346-2167 - Administration (907) 346-1446 - Ski School (907) 346-2169 

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